07/08/19, modified 07/08/19

I wanted to add a comment to trilema, but apparently it looks like spam. So here the comment for

Currently I'm stuck on this reversing the original logs from the output at because of two problems;

1. The new format using block quotes [link][text] sometimes produces links  that are ambiguous and cannot be distinguished from the old way (for example [link][link] or [absolute btcbase link][text] vs [relative btcbase link][text]).
2. Sometime the conversion to html went wrong, for example in I could make some exceptions for these.
3. It seems that the html output code puts special tokens at the end into the description of the link; i.e. (comma's and dots and closing brackets etc are all eaten and put in the description of the link).

Here are my scripts, to preserve the current status;

The scraper:

To do all:

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