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12/08/19, modified 12/08/19

Saturday we flew to Ukraine. The flight wit LOT (Polish Airlines) was supposed to be at 7:00. At 22:00 on Friday I get an SMS to inform me that the flight is canceled, please call if you need any assistance. On, to call a generic number, wait for half an our on the line to get transferred to the problem desk. Wait for half an hour to get disconnected. And retry. About 2 hours later we had an alternative flight. This flight was to start at 9:35 and contain a transfer in Munich.

Guess where?

Guess where?

Advise to future travellers, never book a flight with a transfer in Munich. The Airport seems to consist of about 3 different sub-airports.  You'll land at the furthest end of one of the sub-airports and then have to transport yourself to the furthest other sub-airport. This is over these moving bands / flat escalators plus also a shuttle. Note that your transfer will include an extra baggage check, in which they will merrily do an extra swap for bomb residuals on the children. And, of course we need to go through customs, these Germans have 2 boots out of 20 or so open just to produce nice queue. We try to go through the automated machine, this only works for the adults. I ask the customs officer if we can skip the line, turns out it's OK to just push your children through the automated machine at the same time you are going through it. So, some extra running and shuttles later we arrive just on time as the next flight is delayed. And an uneventual 2 hours later we find ourselfs here;

airport_ua_2019_1024By the time we were ready to go through customs, the queue had dissolved and all went very smooth. As you can see the walkways to the planes have advertisements these days and the in Kiev looks a lot worse than the one in Schiphol. This turns out to be true for the whole country, but that will be another post. That post will most probably be how these people have money to build something but then immediately forget about it and let it rot. To finish up; the food is good.

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  1. Diana Coman says:

    They have better sky in Kiev though!

  2. LOT actually managed to get itself banned through a laundry list of offenses going from plainly dumb to elaborately evil I'm not gonna bother dissecting. Suffice it to say I'm never going to fly LOT.

  3. ave1 says:

    The last time (about 3 years ago), LOT went fine. But, I can now see what you mean. The transfer in Warsaw was enjoyable then, small airport, plenty of room, no long queue at customs.

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