MP-WP, a genesis

08/02/18, modified 17/09/18

This site runs on a found version of mp-wp. To get it to work on a php 5.6 installation, I needed to make some changes. These were done in an ad-hoc fashion and, as a result of the sometimes live fixing process, I had no log or
record of what I did. This cannot stand, so I redid most of the word starting
by making a genesis of the mp-wp, I found in the channel1.

As a vpatch cannot contain binaries or special character sequences, I removed all the binaries (gif, png, jpg and swf) and put these in tarfiles. The sha512sum of the tarfiles I put in a README and in the tarfiles.sha512sum.
All removals and edits done to the version I found and before the patch was made are described in the README file.

This genesis does not contain images, so these are distributed separately in

After pressing the genesis, go into the blog directory. Copy the tar-files to the blog directory. Check the sha 512 sums. In the blog directory unpack each tar-file (tar xf wp-admin-images.tar.gz etc). Done.

On this genesis, I currently have two patches, one to suppress and fix some warnings;

And one to fix the comments;

There is still a whole lot of pruning on the todo list, with the first item being to investigate and hopefully remove the 'kses' filtering system.

  1. I know that work was / is being done on a genesis vpatch of mp-wp, but that seems to be stuck for now. []

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