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13/02/18, modified 17/09/18

I've been investing a lot of time1 into The Republic and it's products to date. And now it seems to be dead in the water.

Reading the logs, reading, researching the FFA code, all these activities have helped to eradicate some of the cockroaches in my mind. A big step, setting up this blog, has been a victory. Sloppy thinking simply presents itself once layed down in written sentences, if not immediately then after a re-read or after comments by Stanislav. Also, not all thoughts can be put to paper, how is that2? So all this time has not been wasted.

But with the most probable demise of the BingoBoingo ISP, the whole republic is on very shaky footing.

Last Friday (or Saturday morning), Mircea Popescu correctly pulled the plug. Of the various reactions to be expected, we got none. Well, one!, Stanislav wanted to maybe take the business, but luckily he retreated3 45.

In the mean time Mircea Popescu has fired off a number of put downs in BingoBoingos' direction, in what feels to me to be an attempt to get same BingoBoingo of his ass. Unfortunately only self lamenting comments have been coming back6. Let's assume you want to stay in Uruguay, probably under another lords directions. You would want to show off that you can get busy7. Start working on a few issues;

  • Make a list of what has been done, was is to be done and was is being done8.
  • The rack contains one server so test and publish speeds for upload and download, sustained and peak etc.
  • Go online and figure out the import tariffs, yes on somethings you may need to play ball with the local government9.
  • Make a list of the local costs / delivery time for some of the parts and publish this10.
  • Read up on tax law in Uruguay, especially VAT etc, make some post about to show your understanding.
  • And think about this, once back, was the 1 BTC a loan? how would you pay this off? Or will this be a write-off on Mircea Popescus' side?. Simply the cost of doing business, or something.

As for the lords, "and now?", currently there is a rack11, there is a willing boy on the ground12, there is a bank-account, there is an office. A company is almost to be had for a given amount of coin13. I had every faith in being a client of an ISP business that is run / financed in some form by Mircea Popescu14, as he is committed to go for the long run. So, I hope the Lords will get of their asses.

  1. Considering that I've been reading the logs for about 1.5 yr, and increasing my meager involvement in little steps over the same period, I would say about 6 months. This is but a drop compared to the the investments made by the lords. []
  2. This is from a comment by Mircea Popescu either on trilema or in the logs. This needs be linked, and will be, but later []
  3. From my understanding of the logs and his blog, Stanislav is an Engineer. Brilliant in most things he will set out to do. However in the little of successful businesses I've seen, the great leader, the starter, the one who makes it a success, has a completely different character. As the starter you'll have to (what seems to an engineer) over-estimate the proceeds and about right estimate the costs. The engineer by definition has a keen feel for the costs but not so much for the proceeds. Or differently, the costs is something you can calculate now to a good certainty, the proceeds not. Taking risks is probably another factor. Also, a business starter without the sense to involve one ore more Engineer(s) is stupid and will fail. I fall in the same category as Stanislav, only I'm less brilliant and not so well educated, so I do have to work in the mines (but I do my best / most interesting work with men that have some sort of vision). []
  4. It must be noted that Stanislav is still the only one of the lords whot tries to stick his head out. []
  5. One of the first comments Stanislav makes is that he does not know how to run a VPS server, somehow supposing this is going to be the main business. If I would like to run a VPS server, I would like to do so with an expert or someone smart enough to either hire one or simply not be providing a VPS server. Instead of a VPS server, I would gladly pay money to run on a shared gentoo server managed by Stanislav (with users from the wot only). The possibilities of having an ISP with people you trust! But we digress []
  6. Yes, own up to your failure, but after that, start moving []
  7. And not by taking night time pictures of the local orc carnival []
  8. This has value even if you fly back []
  9. did you know this orcistan is in a free-trade zone with four others?. Governments are even known to publish exact tariff tables etc []
  10. It may not be worth sourcing locally, but how to figure this out? []
  11. at least partially paid for []
  12. Who is in the wot and even a lord! []
  13. Negotiations are possible. Or maybe to lords are such a wise bunch that they can think to pressure Mircea Popescu by letting time run out and so devaluate the whole business []
  14. And who is to say he will not be willing to provide key insights to help make this adventure into a success []

4 Responses to “From the proverbial Peanut Gallery

  1. "there is a bank-account" < Nope.

    "Of the original capital 900 Dosiedoes were spent with an accountant that delivered to BingoBoingo a unipersonal enterprise and no bank account, and no timeline for acquiring a bank account. This makes BTC/fiat conversions a time consuming exercise in masochism. A non-US corporation or non-US passport holder could cut through this pile of wank." --

    With that in mind, the ONLY person who should be getting off his ass is BB. Which is to say that he should be moving back to the states.

    • ave1 says:


      No doubt, the bank account is a problem.

      And many are still left wide open, going from the one fire to the other will not result in a good live or a good company. If this is all a lack of time, ability or place (there was this story in channel about American pensioners living in southern asia being slowly sucked out of all of their money) is unknown to me.


    • BingoBoingo says:

      I am grateful for the chance to get as close as I had to Mircea's spinning blades and survived. Alas it appears the opportunity for others to get that chance without a sweet pair of tits has passed. I am grateful, humiliated, and humbled for the better.

      What remains is what the Republic does now that the Teacher appears to have retired to becoming a more passive observer. Does the thing stand or not? Either way Mircea abides. As it stands I have surrendered management of the ISP concern to others affiliated with the Republic to direct, and with myself under their active direction. I don't know what happens, but I do know that it isn't my place to know.

  2. [...] future I will utter the phrase "Hey, turns out ave1 is much better at compiler shenanigans than at advising management". I know this for a fact even though it hasn't actually happened yetii, and the difficulty you have [...]

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