Building GNAT on MUSL, now with a signature

17/01/18, modified 15/03/18

An update of the 2018-01-12 version, download (ada-musl-cross-2018-01-17.tar.gz), unpack, verify (ada-musl-cross-2018-01-17.txt) and then build


After a while you'll get executables in PREFIX-DIRECTORY/x86_64-linux-musl/bin.

Some final remarks; (a) The archive includes a hashes directory and the hash of all downloaded files will be checked as part of the build process. (b) I've removed all unnecessary patch files. (c) The scripts have been tested on a GNU C library based system and will create a compiler (itself statically linked against MUSL C) that compiles and links against the MUSL C library.(d)MPC moved its download directory1 (e) You will need the AdaCore binary release of GNAT, version 2016, to run the build.

  1. Moving directories of released files is somehow OK. This kind of busy work is beyond me. []

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  1. [...] update on the previous version. I thought that version already supported ARM 64-bit processors1, but unfortunately it did [...]

  2. PeterL says:

    I see a "", not "", I am assuming these are the same thing?

  3. [...] Ave1's GNAT version 2018-01-17: this uses Adacore's 2016 GNAT only to bootstrap the compilation of a republican GNAT linked against the MUSL C library. Note that the shitgnomes have already messed up some of the links in the scripts there - according to my notes the current scripts fail with a "not found" error at fetchextract gcc-4.9.adacore2016 .tar.bz2 . Obviously, the pill to this is to have everything already downloaded and only then run the script (i.e. no fetch, only extract). [...]

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